I’m sharing how our maintenance program works, and guess what? It’s free.

Every property owner asks us how much we charge for maintenance. We don’t charge anything for our Maintenance Program!

We put it in writing that if you have a maintenance issue in your unit that’s under $500, you’ve given us the right to make a decision about the repair if we can’t get in touch with you. However, we do not do repairs without your permission. Sometimes we can’t reach the owner because they live overseas, there’s a time difference, there are communication issues, etc. We call or send an email asking how you want the problem handled. 

You may have a friend or relative you want to do the work. However, we have licensed, insured vendors we’ve vetted that we employ if you don’t have someone you want us to use. On the mainland, it’s common to get three quotes for work, but here in Hawaii, it’ll cost you around $500 just for those quotes. 

“We don’t charge anything for our Maintenance Program!”

We only do property management, so our maintenance program operates with your best interests in mind. It’s in-house, all the maintenance stays within our family of vendors, and all the people you talk to in our maintenance program work for Hawaii Pacific. Having a property manager who will take care of maintenance for you is a huge advantage. We do an excellent job with maintenance because we care about our work. 

There are only two reasons to have a property manager: to protect your house and put money in your pocket. If they aren’t doing these two things, why have a property manager at all?

If you ever have questions about maintenance or how we handle it, call or email us. We would love to speak with you.