Understanding the challenges and risks of so-called “monster” homes.

Today, I want to address a significant issue that’s been a topic of discussion in our community for over 20 years: monster homes. You’ve probably seen them making headlines in the paper and stirring up conversations in the neighborhood.

First things first, let’s clarify what we mean by ‘monster homes’. These are unusually large residences, often with upwards of 15 rooms. They’re not just big; they’re gigantic, and they come with their own set of unique challenges.

At Hawaii Pacific Property Management, we’ve made a conscious decision not to manage these types of properties. You might wonder why. Well, the answer is pretty straightforward: the complexities and problems associated with managing such large properties are immense.

One of the primary issues with monster homes is the logistics of sharing a house among so many people. It’s not just about the sheer number of occupants but also about managing the dynamics between them. Things like utility usage (electricity, water, etc.), house parties, and general upkeep become exponentially more challenging in a property of this size.

“If you’re considering reaching out to us with a monster home, please know that our answer will be a respectful no.”

Moreover, our experience has shown that when it comes to monster homes, conflicts among tenants are not just probable; they’re almost inevitable. These conflicts can escalate quickly, leading to situations that are difficult to resolve, like evictions. Unfortunately, our eviction guarantee and rent guarantees often don’t extend to these large homes with multiple tenants.

So, if you’re considering reaching out to us with a monster home, please know that our answer will be a respectful no. We specialize in managing properties that allow us to provide the highest quality service to both our property owners and tenants, and unfortunately, monster homes fall outside this scope.

If you have any questions or need guidance about managing other types of properties, we’re more than happy to assist. Call or email us at Hawaii Pacific Property Management for expert advice and management services tailored to your needs.