Air conditioning will make both you and your rental tenants happy.

Have you ever heard of a subject more important than air conditioning in Hawaii? I see people with their car windows down because they don’t have AC in their cars, but I rarely see homes that don’t have AC.

Most of our rental tenants come from the mainland. They grew up with and are used to air conditioning. Hawaii’s average humidity is above 80%, and 80 to 100-degree weather isn’t uncommon. That means the city is hot, especially in the evening when the sun is shining on your house.

Tenants will often ask on the phone, “Does that house have air conditioning?” If you don’t have air conditioning in a property you plan to rent out, you may want to look into it because it’s not that expensive, and the tenants pay the utilities.

If you have any questions about air conditioning, visit our website and reach out to us by phone or email. We know many air conditioning vendors that can help you.