We offer our homeowners an eviction guarantee. How does that work exactly? I’ll take you through each step today.

We offer our homeowners an eviction guarantee. How does this work exactly?

The Landlord-Tenant Code is very specific on the steps you are required to take when you’re going to evict someone from your property in civil court.

As soon as we realize that the rents are going to be late, the first thing we do is post a five-day notice to terminate the lease. We then take a picture of the five-day lease (which is usually posted on the front door) and submit that photo to civil court. At the same time, we file for an eviction notice for the tenant to appear in court. That eviction notice to appear in court will normally take 14 to 21 days to get served.

Once the eviction notice is served, we get a court date. As soon as the tenant is in court, the first question the judge will ask is, “Do you owe rent on this house and why have you not paid?” The tenants normally answer that question like this: “Judge, we do owe the money, but we have an explanation.”

I will go to the court proceedings along with my property manager for the area. We will testify that the rents are not paid. In that case, we do not take any partial rents for you; if we did, then we couldn’t file for an eviction.

Once the eviction is granted, the judge will ask how many days I will give them to vacate your unit. We will show up on the agreed-upon day with a police officer to accompany them off the property. Once we show up, they have 120 minutes to vacate your home. After they are out, we change the locks, go in with cleaners, and start the re-up process to get your home back on the market.


Remember now, every time we move a tenant in and out of your home, we take new pictures and videos of your property. All of those pictures and videos are date-stamped just in case we end up in court.

That is the eviction process. If you elect to use our eviction guarantee, we will choose your tenant for you. We will find a tenant with a credit score of at least 620, and we guarantee to pay for the eviction process. If you choose to select your own tenant and ignore the eviction guarantee, you will have to pay for me to go to court and evict your tenant.

Ultimately, I recommend that you let us choose your tenant. We will look at their credit, criminal, and eviction history, and then check their references from past landlords. If you have any questions about the eviction process or our eviction guarantee, please give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to help you!