If your property isn’t water tested, it could lead to huge problems.

What is water testing? In the last month to two months, we’ve had more rain here in Honolulu than I’ve experienced in my whole life. I’ve never seen the island rain like this.

All this rain causes a lot of problems that you don’t normally see on roads, houses, or roofs. Any weakened roof system is going to have some problems. We’ve had flooding and plumbing problems, and sewer backups and cesspool backups. It’s all because this much rain in Hawaii is not normal. 

Because of this, Hawaii Pacific Property Management’s homes are now water-tested because we’ve had to go through and fix all the problems that we’ve had with skylights, roofing, drainage, cesspools, and everything else. If you have a property management company that has not responded to your calls, I would highly recommend finding another one because this is when you need your property manager the most. 

Water intrusion in a house is probably the worst thing you can have besides a brutal hurricane. If you have any questions about your home being water-tested and problems you’ve experienced, give us a call at (808) 445-9223. We look forward to hearing from you.