I’m explaining why walk-throughs are crucial and how we do them.

What is a walk-through? Why would we need to walk through your property? The truth is, several rental owners have switched to us because no one has walked through their property in years. How would anyone know what’s going on there if someone doesn’t walk through it? 

“Walk-throughs are crucial.”

As a property manager, this is the most important part of my job. When I do walk-throughs, I’m looking for damage, illegal tenants, and abuse. I’m looking for all these things in about a 10-minute walk-through with your tenants twice a year. If you allow pets in the house, we’ll walk through it three times per year. 

Walk-throughs are crucial because we can tell if the tenant is living according to the rules, if they’re overly dirty, if there’s drug use, illegal alterations, and more. These are great times to catch whether any of these things are happening and protect your property. You will get a report from us with pictures stating how the property is doing, how it looks, and what we saw from the tenants.

If you have any questions about walk-throughs or property management in general, please call or email me. I would be happy to speak with you.