What is a rent guarantee and why do we offer one? I’ll explain everything today.

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When you work with us, I guarantee that we’ll pay an agreed upon amount if we don’t rent your property in 30 days or less.

How do we do that?

First of all, very few property management companies guarantee their work. We will look at your property’s area, present you with a market rent, and guarantee your rent at a certain amount. For example, let’s say your house’s recommended rent is $3,000; we’ll guarantee your rent at $2,400 or $2,600.

There are many factors that go into renting your home. Until we actually look at the property, we don’t know how renting will go. We don’t know if the people who lived there used to bully the neighborhood, what the parking situation is, or if the house has pets.

When we arrive at the house, we will look at all of those factors to determine whether or not we can rent your home. If we can, then you sign a contract that states that we will do everything in our power to rent your home. The contract also offers a rent guarantee, an eviction guarantee, and a communication guarantee.

Many property management companies do not offer an eviction guarantee, even though they put the tenant in the property! If we have to go to eviction with a tenant, we will pay for that. We will also do a four and six-month walkthrough to make sure that your tenants are holding the line as far as your lease goes.


Our communication guarantee is extremely important. Many other property management companies can take a while to call you back if they call you back at all. We will give you an updated report each Monday to let you know how many people looked at the home, how many are interested in renting, and give you any feedback from the renters. You have three numbers to reach us: my number, your property manager’s number, and our 800 number that connects to all of our property managers. If you need to talk to us, someone will answer you, guaranteed.

There are two reasons why I am here: to put money into your bank account and to protect your home. We promise and guarantee that we will do both of those things. If you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are always happy to help you!