A rent guarantee is something no one else in Hawaii does, but we do.

This guarantee essentially means that we guarantee the amount of rent we can pay you as an owner.

If you’re thinking that’s crazy, that’s because it is. That’s how confident I am that our vetting and advertising processes will rent your home quickly.

We put our rent guarantee in writing once we’re face to face and after I’ve seen the home, its condition, and the surrounding neighborhood. If we advertise the home for 30 days or more under the terms of the guarantee and we don’t secure a tenant, we’ll pay you.

“We’re the only ones who provide a rent guarantee.”

We also provide an eviction guarantee that states if we vet our own tenant to rent your property and there’s an eviction, we will cover the cost.

Lastly, we provide a communication guarantee that acts as our promise that we’ll always be there to pick up the phone for you. I get a lot of business from a lot of other property managers because they didn’t do the same for their clients. You’ll have the property manager’s number as well as my own and our office’s.

If you have any questions or want to give this rent guarantee a shot, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to help you.