Issues with your water heater are inevitable, but we can help.

When I was growing up, I never worried about our water heater. Now that I’m a property owner, however, it’s become something that I have to worry about. In the old days, water heaters lasted 10 years; since the average life of a home is 60 or 70 years, that means you could go through five or six water heaters in the life of your home unless you switch to a tankless or solar water heater. Those tend to have a little longer shelf life and save you money on your electric bill, but they are more expensive.

As the owner of hundreds of rentals, problems with water heaters are inevitable. If you have any questions about your water heater and what the costs are to fix or maintain it, reach out and give us a call. We work with many plumbers who can give you quotes for the services you need, and we’d love to help you.