Here are the facts about renting out a house furnished or unfurnished.

Many people call us and say, “My home is furnished. Can you rent it out for more money?” The answer is yes and no. 

These days, it’s more difficult to rent out a house that’s furnished. There are many variables involved. There’s also more upfront work to do; we have to take inventory, write property condition forms on all your furniture, and add all that to the intake and outtake forms. It’s also much easier for us to take photos of the unit when it isn’t furnished, and we’ll need to do that at some point. This protects you if any damage happens to a wall that has furniture against it. 

Many people who rent long term here (181 days or more) will have their own furniture. So what do we do with your furniture if your resident has their own? Or what if they want to use a few pieces of your furniture but not all of it? What happens if things get damaged? 

“It’s more difficult to rent out a house that’s furnished.”

A ton of discussion needs to happen when someone rents out a furnished property. We’ll have a conversation about all these things up front, and we’ll share both the positives and negatives. 

If you have any questions about furnished versus unfurnished rental houses or you want to discuss this topic more, give us a call or visit our website. We would love to help you.